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In the world of online business the most important thing is the number of visitors to increase traffic website or blog. How to increase our web traffic, one way is to attract visitors who come on the web or blog by:
1. Appreciate Your Blog Visitors - Be humble - * Use polite language - Do not ever brag
2. Give More - Write the content is really useful - Make your blog design "different" among other blogs - Give the referral link that takes visitors to your blog - Give "link love" to every comment on your blog - Give the free e-book
 3. Be a Good Friend - Try as much as possible to reply to comments on your blog - Assist visitors to your blog if you have any questions - Be a "Contact" your blog visitors MyBlogLog - Leave a personal message on the social media visitors to your blog
4. This is the secret: Call name - Write the name of your blog visitors to comment - Write the name correctly 5. Visit Your New Friend - Try to visit the blog to comment on your blog - Give positive comments - Visit the periodic Hopefully useful.

Iam a blogger that around the world find any place any situation to describe them into one of place that named web blog or website and artcles

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