Desire to pee is definitely hard to guess when it will appear. At an important meeting, in certain places that do not allow it to go to the bathroom, you might suddenly dying for a pee. So, how do I fix this?
stop urinating 
  1.  Close urethral Most people will do this automatically when suddenly dying for a pee. All you need to do is tighten the muscles around the urethra and tried to close it tightly as possible. 
  2. Change the position of your body The position of the body can help you tighten the muscles around the bladder. Do not press the bottom of your stomach. This will only add pressure on the urethra.
  3.  Cross your legs while standing Do not cross your legs when sitting. Doing this will only make the pain and possible loss of control of the bladder. Opening wide feet can actually make you hold your pee longer. Conversely, if you are in a standing position, cross your legs do not open too wide DNA.
  4.  Sit upright but relaxed Do not bend. Lift your upper body, and sit up straight. Arched back will only put pressure on the bladder, as well as the abdominal stretch. Do not lean forward. Pull the front of your pelvis upward. Although strapping, make sure you stay relaxed and do not add stress to the body.
  5.  Keep warm If possible, make yourself stay warm. You can use a blanket, turn on the heater or sitting with friends. Cold temperatures will make your body more like pee.
  6.  Do not move too much Avoid shocks, vibration, or sudden movements. Move slowly and naturally. Movement or sudden shocks that could make shock bladder and secrete urine which had been trying to keep.
  7.  Too much liquid Do not drink too much when trying to urinate. Try not to drink but to avoid dehydration or when you are really thirsty.
  8.  Divert attention Divert your attention from the mind to hold pee on other things. Know that your bladder will not suddenly explode. The body has a reflex to prevent serious injury to the bladder.
  9.  Do not think to spend a little would help Do not think that will help him out a little bit. It's impossible. When you give up and pull out small amounts of urine, the bladder will not stop.
  10.  Do not laugh or think of something funny Laughter can cause your muscles to contract. This will make the bladder more depressed. You will get to pee. That's 10 ways to hold pee. Remember, the above means only if you're not allowed to pee on the spot. Do not get used to hold pee when in fact you could use the bathroom. Hold pee habits can cause diseases such as bladder stones and more.

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