Traditional Ways To Cure Diseases Warts

How to remove warts with traditional medicinal herb itself is only with a little whiting and a dab of dish washing soap (not detergent) wrote up the brand because I do not want to promote the product. While the treatment is fairly simple steps as follows:

     Take a few whiting and a dab of soap with a ratio of 1:1 as needed (eg, one cup measuring cup whiting and a dab of soap anyway.
     Stir both mixes potions we had it flat warts and do not get too dry.
     Clean the surface of the skin (especially the location where the wart is located) using warm water (lukewarm).
     Apply traditional medicine warts we was on the wart (note: on the wart) not to the herb spread to other skin surfaces will cause skin irritation if too sensitive.
     Repeat the treatment regularly until the complaints and symptoms of warts disappear completely from your skin.

As long as the drug is given wart style whiting and a dab of soap, warts it will feel very itchy so necessary sincerity resist the itch to throw away the warts had (unless you still love warts).

Thanks wart remedy made ​​from whiting and a dab of soap before, thank God my corns are now gone and a deterrent to return again, and do not cause scars like a great friend of mine who used vinegar and hard water unimaginable pangs.

Good luck and eliminate warts loyal to your best friend during this time, and hopefully it will soon be healed like what I experienced without the pain and costs to remove warts.

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