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Japanese authorities seem serious action to combat piracy or illegal downloading. This is evidenced by issuing regulations that can make the illegal downloaders think twice to perform an action.

According to the Recording Industry Association of Japan and the IFPI, the Japanese authorities to make specific amendments governing the Copyright Law. It is intended to provide a sense of wary and afraid of the illegal downloaders are more rampant in the country of the Rising Sun.

In the rules, anyone who acts as an uploader material without permission will be subject to a fine of JPY 10 million (USD 12,300) and imprisonment penalties for 10 years in prison.

In contrast to the uploader, the downloaders official content illegally will be subject to fine of EUR 2 million (USD 25 680) or a fine of confinement for 2 years in prison.

Not only that, the Japanese authorities also say they have found a way to track where the uploaders or downloaders directly. So we can say there is no safe place anymore for the downloader illegal in Japan.

Indeed, both the problem of piracy of music, software or other things on the internet to study in many countries. In Indonesia, many people especially the musicians who also complained of widespread action. Although the legislation has made ​​IPR (Intellectual Property Rights), but the action is still frequently encountered downloads.

Perhaps it can be reduced if both governments, the copyright owner and the public are able to understand what the copyright rules are made and support and mutual synergies to combat piracy and illegal downloading.

It all comes back to the individual self. If all understand and support these regulations that the Internet ecosystem will be 'healthy.'

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