learning to make key chain from flannel fabrics
Wedding Souvenir Giving a wedding reception it has become an important part few people did not even willing to take the time just to give souvenir their wedding unique and useful for their wedding guests. For those of you who want to find a unique wedding souvenir maybe you better make yourself a wedding gift from the dizziness and are looking for him. It is a bit inconvenient especially if we make a wedding gift in the scale of thousands. However, to make wedding favors can be experience pleasure for you and your partner. Although in the end you decide to create their own wedding souvenir but still need the items you should buy as base material, and the material to make a wedding gift depends on what kind of model you want to shape.

Here are tips to make wedding souvenirs such as key chains keropi of Flannel fabric you can make your own:
The first step, create a whole shape of the pattern on the paper and scissors.
The second step, the pattern and the model we have created is Scissors flannel next to the pattern that was made in the paper.
The third step, Attach the eyes and make the mouth shapes in flannel keropi form. To be able to use glue their eyes shoot. To make the mouth using a skewer pierced trail.
The fourth step. Starting combines both form keropi flannel sheets, sewing around it by using stick feston. But Save some parts to include dacron then after entering dacron finish by sewing using a skewer feston.
The fifth step. In area it slip rope to tie key chain.
The sixth step. Flannel scissors with rounded shapes to paste on the cheek. What if you used to make souvenir can make in making your wedding as a side business. Good luck

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